CEO Jon Stromberg: 2009 Proves a Winner for THG

Through a year of negative press and talk of global economic downturn, THG staff continued their division growth with over 30 first-time sales, 16 division promotions, and three new office openings across the North American region, according to THG CEO Jon Stromberg.

“Our experience shows that five-star hospitality at signature sporting events remains a critical channel for C-level executives to meet their business development and relationship-building goals,” Stromberg says. “In a year where many companies scaled back, THG expanded its teams, adding 24 budgeted sales executives to our North and South American operations.”

Highlights for 2009 include:

  • The completion of our 19th year in North America with top satisfaction ratings from clients—a testament to THG’s expert pre- and post-event client relations. (Special thanks go to John D, Emily Darin, Sarah Hurd and Allison Ziola for their tireless efforts on behalf of THG clients and guests at events.)
  • Record-setting renewals for the 2010 Masters Tournament, following THG’s client successes at the 2009 event.
  • The March 2009 launch of the THG Blog. “The blog allows clients to review monthly THG Articles and key sports hospitality data, and provides a channel for THG sales executives to keep up with the consistent growth and development of the sports division across all North American locations,” Stromberg says.
  • The June 2009 launch of THG’s “Sports Internship Program,” which offers select opportunities for undergraduates and recent graduates seeking a career in Executive Level Sales to expand their experience working with C-level management within fortune 1000 corporations. The THG Sports Internship Program allows the participant to work closely with select in house National Sales Managers assisting with group development needs. The eight- to 10-week program has proven to be an exceptional opportunity for participants to experience leadership and training to learn the business inside and out.

“The outlook for 2010 is exceptionally good, with a strong forward calendar of events in Miami, Vancouver, Pebble Beach, Augusta and Montreal,” Stromberg says. “In addition, our plans to expand our ‘best practice program’ and enhance our clients’ experiences will make this another exciting year.”

The following are highlights from THG’s North American offices:


The headquarters for THG’s North American office ended 2009 with strong quarter growth over the previous year period.

THG Chicago Sales Group

THG Chicago Sales Team

The “high ticket” wing of the office now has a six-team structure, including a new Global Sales Team added in 2009, which includes bi-lingual Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking staff who specialize in serving our South American client market.

Top producers in the Chicago office include CEO Jon Stromberg ($1 million in sales), Joel Chiappetta ($650,000) and Juan Garcia ($550,000).

In early summer, THG rewarded North Americas top 20 producers with a weekend of fun and relaxation in Miami’s South Beach.

THG’s Chicago Team in Miami

THG Chicago Team in Miami

San Diego:

Shawn Pockett continued in 2009 as Sales Director to advance the San Diego sports group, helping the office increase its sales 50 percent between 2007 and 2008. The San Diego office growth continued in 2009, with more than $100,000 in additional sales in the first half of the year compared to the prior year. THG expects the office to continue its growth due to a strong team and a forward calendar through 2012 full of key West Coast events. Top performers in San Diego include sales manager Brian Kanig and assistant sales manager Scott Burcar who continue to pull in consistent sales for the group, and Seniors Graham Ruskin and Gus Demos, both of whom were promoted in the last quarter due to sales achievements. The San Diego office expects to add eight to 10 additional staff members to accommodate expected growth in early 2010.

THG San Diego Sales Group

THG San Diego Sales Team


The Montreal office closed 2009 with fourth quarter growth of 110 percent compared to the same period in 2008—momentum that’s sure to lead the office to additional record-breaking results in the coming year. The office, which THG relocated to a new high-rise location in the heart of the city last May, enjoys proximity to several key events—the 2010 Winter Games, the Canadian Open and the Grand Prix—to start the new year. Working under sales director Patrick Boghossian, several THG team members have received promotions in the past six months: Peter Yannopoulos, Alex Mouton, Matt Haney, & Corinne Vandal. Their advancement has allowed the office to add eight additional team members, bringing the total in Montreal to 18. With continued growth, the office expects to expand to 28 team members in the coming year.

THG Montreal Sales Group

THG Montreal Sales Group


The opening of the Toronto office in 2009, Augusta Tournament Hospitality, dedicated to providing top-tier hospitality during our annual Masters Golf Tournament program, marked our second division-level expansion for THG Sports in 2009, following New York and Los Angeles. Under Pierre Marchand, the group’s C-level relationship skills have grown to a high level, allowing us to leverage our 19 years of Masters Tournament experience and further enhance our global client attendance starting in 2010 at this major event.

THG Toronto Sales Group

THG Toronto Sales Group

Los Angeles & New York

THG’s Championship Hospitality offices in Los Angeles and New York now serve as the nucleus for marketing our executive hospitality during the U.S. Open Golf each year. Both offices opened in 2009 and work with THG’s other North American locations to promote the company’s exclusive event hospitality during this event.

Managers Armando Vera in Los Angeles, and Evan Raggi in New York, now allow for advanced support layers, growing our C-level client attendance into this major annual event..