THG Clients Enjoy Historic, Thrilling 2010 Masters Tournament Finish

Clients participating in the executive entertainment and hospitality provided by THG Sports during the recent 2010 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga., witnessed what may be one of the most memorable phil_mickelsonfinishes in the tournament’s history, says THG Sports CEO Jon Stromberg.

“A key part of the recipe for THG’s success is providing our C-level clients and their guests with the opportunity to ‘be there’ when history is being made,” Stromberg says. “The 2010 Masters was a perfect example—and Phil Mickelson’s finish is certainly one of the history books.”

The success of this year’s Masters has fueled strong interest in executive entertainment and hospitality for the 2011 and 2012 tournaments, Stromberg adds. For more on Masters and other hospitality opportunities, visit the THG Sports website.

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