THG CEO Jon Stromberg: Football Fever

Last night I watched my Chicago Bears win against the Miami Dolphins and my mood was greatly inflated. I started to consider how the success of my sports teams actually might influence the success of our corporate sales teams. Perhaps I was influenced early in life by the fact that Halas Hall was housed in my hometown. A good season for the Bears equaled a happy community and thriving local economy. Somehow I still find that the weekend with a win can propel me to even greater ambition on a Monday morning.

I don’t feel I am alone in this confession, in fact it is one of the reasons sports is such a crucial element in our economy. That Sunday game, golf tournament or tennis match allows us the catharsis to put our daily dealings to the side for a moment. In observing the greatness of these athletes, we search ourselves to find what we can do to reach our fullest potential.

When THG Sports clients attend one of our hospitality events, they experience the greatest on the golf course, sporting field, tennis or basketball court. Up close with athletes and coaches, the inspiration is not two-dimensional; it surrounds them. With each great shot, putt, serve or pass they witness the best practices in sports. Will they come back inspired?? Talk to me on a Monday morning after the Bears have beat the Packers.

Jon Stromberg, THG CEO North America.