Ipswich Town will play its Championship opener of the 2011/12 season this Saturday (6 August).

ITFC will meet Bristol City at Ashton Gate followed by the Carling Cup tie with Northampton at Portman Road next Tuesday.

Manager Paul Jewell expects a tough season ahead following the opening game on 6 August.

“It just proves what a tough league this is. I know it’s a cliché but every manager in this league will tell you that every game in this division is tough,” he told the ITFC website.

ITFC has recently signed Aaron Cresswell on a three-year contract after arriving as a free agent from Tranmere. Cresswell joins earlier signings Nathan Ellington, Lee Bowyer and Michael Chopra, who were signed earlier in the summer.

Striker Ellington put pen to paper on a two-year deal in a move that sees him reunited with Town boss Paul Jewell for a third time.

England international Bowyer, who joined the club as a free agent, signed a one-year contract. Bowyer has clocked up almost 600 appearances in first-team football, spending most of his career in the Premier League. He started his playing days at Charlton, before going on to play for Leeds, Newcastle, West Ham and Birmingham, helping the midlanders to Carling Cup success over Arsenal at Wembley last season.

Chopra came to Portman Road from Cardiff for an undisclosed fee on a three year contract. The 27-year-old said he is confident he can end the club’s seven-year wait for a 20-goal striker.

Shefki Kuqi was the last player to score 20 goals in the 2004/05 season. 

ITFC is a marcus evans company.

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As we further our growth into Latin America, and expand our Bi-Lingual sales team in the Chicago Americas Headquarters, THG is proud to announce its media partnership with Gozamos.com.  Through Gozamos digital media platform, Hispanic professionals in both in The United States and Mexico stay in tune with key Hispanic events within their community.  The partnership will help promote corporate culture, and assist THG’s digital efforts in the coming months.  “Growth within the Hispanic community stateside is of vital importance to our organization, as our need for brand familiarity widens throughout Latin American” said Abraham Velasquez Gozamos.com.


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Just two short weeks ago, as football fans and players alike were gearing up for the big game, the staff at THG Sports was preparing to kick off their 20th Super Bowl hospitality event in Dallas, Texas.

City Club – Top Floor, Bank of America Building Downtown Dallas
Jon Stromberg, CEO of THG North America, addresses clients at the 2011 Super Bowl.

“Even though the weather leading up to the event reminded me of our first 1992 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, the excitement and anticipation surrounding this years Super Bowl was unlike any other” says Jon Stromberg, CEO of THG North America.  ”The game itself certainly held up to the 17 championships between these two teams as the Steelers nearly tied the score in the fourth quarter. In the end, to my dismay as a life long Bears fan, the green and yellow prevailed in a exciting finish.”

THG Sports and their clients celebrated the event both before and after the game at the City Club, located on the 69th floor of the famous Bank of America building in downtown Dallas. The opulent City Club provided the perfect atmosphere for clients, guests, and staff alike to gaze at breathtaking city views through the club’s floor-to-ceiling windows, eat four-star meals, and mingle with ten current NFL players chosen by THG to attend the event.

Over the past 20 years, celebrity guests at THG’s Super Bowl event have included among others hall-of-famers Dick Butkus, Ronnie Lott, Roger Staubauch, Rocky Bleier, and Paul Hornung, along with legendary players Vinny Testaverde and Tony Dorsett. This year, to celebrate the inaugural Super Bowl being played at the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium, THG invited a group of ten current NFL Players- including Patriots Wide Receiver Wes Welker and Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee- to sign autographs and socialize with guests.

“The atmosphere surrounding each NFL player within the City Club allowed for over 30 company hosts to solidify a number of key relationships.  This was an event attending guests will reference the company who hosted them for years to come.” Jon Stromberg added.

Celebrity Guests at THG’s Super Bowl 2011 Hospitality event included:

Following the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami, where two-time Champion Matt Light was among the NFL key note celebrities entertaining THG’s guests, the Dallas area and the new Cowboys Stadium was the perfect venue for THG to showcase their 20 years of C-level Super Bowl hospitality.

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As 2011 kicks into high gear a new positive outlook is spreading like wildfire in the business world.  This new outlook is spurring economic growth and vitality within the battered American financial landscape. A recent study by Chief Executive Magazine takes a look at what might be causing this rash of positivity and simply put: CEO confidence is up. This upward tick in positivity is trickling down from the highest seats and spreading all across the board.  This positive outlook is most apparent in recent automobile sales figures, which are generally used as a consumer confidence index, and car sales are up. It appears that The American Economy is past the dark days of 2008. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study from the end of 2010 outlined a trend in CEO confidence for future growth. PwC noted that of 1,201 CEOs interviewed, a staggering 48% were very confident of growth within the next 12 months and 88% had some level of confidence for prospective growth within the next year. Furthermore, 94% were confident of growth within the next three years. Given that a majority of our clients are C-suite executives, THG is experiencing first hand this new overall positive sentiment, as our figures for first time clients have dramatically increased.

U.S Consumer Confidence

This exciting news from all over corporate America can make it easy to simply rest on our laurels, but nothing is without challenges. DailyFinance.com outlined the top ten challenges for CEOs in 2011 and among them were: eking out growth in an uncertain economy, reducing employee flight, acknowledgement of client’s status as the actual boss, competing in a global economy, reputation management, and staying ahead of the competition. The need for growth and relationship development in a ever changing economy was seen within the 2010 Global CEO Study.  For every challenge there is always a solution and it may be as simple as finding new ways to connect with clients. THG has been providing solutions for these exact challenges since 1983. For the past 29 years we have been a global leader in client and employee retention services, brand building, global relationship advancement, and competitive edge building.

“Our global status as a top provider of corporate hospitality has allowed us to observe how THG services have benefited the growth of most Fortune 1000 companies. Few occasions demonstrate the appreciation to clients and key staff as experiencing history unfold around a major sporting event,” says THG CEO Jon Stromberg. This innovative outlook for the American economy has given CEO’s the chance to start on a clean page and build new client relationships for themselves. This being said, where will you stand? Are you going to stick with the same methods that you have used in the past or will you be on the cutting edge, showing your clients they are worth your time and making your company identity synonymous with the prestige of The Masters Tournament or the Dubai World Cup?

Allowing THG to aide in the sculpting of your company reputation will not only give you a competitive edge, but with our 55 global offices and over 350 major events we can also give you a leg up when seeking partnerships abroad. Global-Minded Decision Makers choose THG.

For more information on THG’s sports hospitality offerings, click here.

About THG: THG (http://www.thgsports.com) is a leading provider of corporate hospitality programs during the world’s premier sporting events, including the World Soccer Championships, Masters, Singapore Grand Prix, and the Final Four. As a marcus evans company, all aspects of THG’s services promise a level of client focus and attention second to none.

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Last night I watched my Chicago Bears win against the Miami Dolphins and my mood was greatly inflated. I started to consider how the success of my sports teams actually might influence the success of our corporate sales teams. Perhaps I was influenced early in life by the fact that Halas Hall was housed in my hometown. A good season for the Bears equaled a happy community and thriving local economy. Somehow I still find that the weekend with a win can propel me to even greater ambition on a Monday morning.

I don’t feel I am alone in this confession, in fact it is one of the reasons sports is such a crucial element in our economy. That Sunday game, golf tournament or tennis match allows us the catharsis to put our daily dealings to the side for a moment. In observing the greatness of these athletes, we search ourselves to find what we can do to reach our fullest potential.

When THG Sports clients attend one of our hospitality events, they experience the greatest on the golf course, sporting field, tennis or basketball court. Up close with athletes and coaches, the inspiration is not two-dimensional; it surrounds them. With each great shot, putt, serve or pass they witness the best practices in sports. Will they come back inspired?? Talk to me on a Monday morning after the Bears have beat the Packers.

Jon Stromberg, THG CEO North America

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Ideas for the future development of THG were discussed at a recent think-in held at the beautiful La Costa Resort & Spa in coastal Carlsbad, CA. La Costa Resort and Spa

THG’s North American Fiscal Review was held Saturday, 2 October 2010 with directors and managers from six locations – Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, New York, San Diego, and Los Angeles – attending.

At the senior management event a number of important strategic areas were discussed.

The 30 per cent event growth over the last fiscal year was reviewed. Also discussed was the forecasted event and office growth over the coming 2010-2011 fiscal year.

The executive review looked at how the pivotal areas of staff development and THG training program could be advanced.

Directors and Managers from Chicago, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and San Diego meet to discuss new plans for THG.

The expansion of THG’s successful Corporate Wellness program, which was established this year to augment the company culture and the incentives it offers employees, was also a hot topic. “The program fosters the strong link between physical fitness and on-the-job productivity and performance”, says CEO Jon Stromberg.

With the increasing relevance of social media in business, the meeting examined THG’s own social media agenda over the coming year. Advancements within THG’s Human Resources department are also planned.

In addition to weekly contact and video conferencing, the group meetings, which are held quarterly, have generated a number of new ideas and advancements within the division.


Directors and Managers from THG's six North American locations 

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